How To Get Out Of Fish Finder (Tips To Catch More Fishes!!!)

Many people obsess over finding the very best fish finder in order to have a successful day out on the pond, lake, or sea. Fish finders are definitely an excellent tool to have in your arsenal, but they’re not necessarily the be all and end all of fishing. If you’re unable to obtain one for any variety of reasons, you can still find yourself hauling in whatever you’re looking for all day long. You just need to know some basic tips for catching fish without the best fish finder around, or any fish finder at all. In this article, we’ll look at some of those basic tips, and by the end, hopefully you’ll feel comfortable going out on your fishing vessel without that little computer attached.

fish finder

First Thing You Should Know

  • One of the very first things you should be doing is trolling the water. This is a super simple process, which just involves casting your line out, and moving the boat at a slow and steady pace across the water. It’s important to find the right pace here; essentially what you’re doing is moving your fly, lure, worm, or other bait through the water, imitating real food for the fish. You don’t want your motions to be jerky here; you want them to be as realistic as possible. This is the easiest way to look for fish without a fish finder, but it’s definitely going to give you varying results depending on the time of day, time of year, or any other multitude of factors.

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Must-known information before buying a helmet

It is true that whether you are ATV riders or passengers, a helmet is always a necessary piece of equipment.

  1. What to look for in an off-road helmet

If possible, choose a “motocross” or “off-road” helmet instead of a standard motorbike helmet. Motorbike helmet can serve the purpose fine, but you may like the unique features in helmets produced specifically for motocross riding. To help you to decide if you want an “open-face”, a “motocross” or “full-face” helmet, consider these following factors:

  • Full-face: offers extremely excellent protection. This helmet features a built-in face shield and molding extends over your mouth and chin for extra protection.
  • Open-face: provides the least protection. This type of helmet does not protect your mouth and chin area. However, it has a chin strap served mainly as a means of your head because it keep the helmet from rolling off your head.
  • Off-road: this type of helmets is highly recommended for those who ride mostly ATVs. This helmet covers almost parts of your face and has a sturdy piece of molding jutting out your jaw and chin. Motocross helmets are quite different from the full-face one in that they offers optimum ventilation (mouth/sides/nose/top), and a flip-up visor that serves as a face shield. Off-road riders can take advantage of many other unique features. One recommended here is the type of off-road helmets called shoei rf 1200.
  1. Reasons for buying a helmet as riding:

Helmets are the most effective means of protecting your head from injuries that often lead to permanent disability or even death. The helmet you wear might be the only thing that is responsible for protecting your life when your own skill, judgment and luck failed to save you from harm. That is why choosing a suitable helmet is so important.

Apart from safety matter, there are some good reasons to wear a helmet.

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Youth Deer Hunting (Part 1)

Deer Hunting With Young Hunters

Nothing is more important to us whitetail deer hunters as introducing youth deer hunting to new young hunters. We must carry on the tradition of whitetail deer hunting with young hunters. Today, fewer and fewer young people, new deer hunters, are taking to the woods to enjoy and experience this great hunting activity. As deer hunters, we need to address this and do everything possible to introduce and mentor youth to deer hunting.

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Set Your Own Goals and Fulfill Your Dreams

desire in life

Generally, you live in the world day by day without any thinking about the future or the stuffs that we actually want sometimes. We admire to get the dreams but do not take enough actions to fulfill that achievement. It still is there, IN OUR MIND. That means if you do not try to make the dream comes true; it would never be in real life. Once again, the path connecting brain and reality is actions. To get all you want, setting certain goals and detail targets in really simple steps that you can do in daily tasks. It is easy to follow a basic and small task to do along. Anyways, by doing this, your daily routine also is change in positive trend. It is comfortable and reasonable to do those manageable steps. Definitely, it will conclude your depression time and tired but my suggestion for you is a great assistant whenever you need named the best vinyl record player. By enjoying a favorite song, it is a wonderful solution for you to escape the bad time, renew your balance and try again after a lot of failures. Do it again, one day, you will stay on the top of success for sure.

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Things to know about using a smart phone while traveling

What you should note?

The century of advanced technology has come. Whoever you are, wherever you and whatever you are doing, you can’t ignore the fact that technology is always at hand. The mobile technology has conquered the life of many people. Young and old knows how to use a smart phone. You cannot believe even at a very young age like three or four knows how to use their parents’ smart phone. It is because smart phones are too effective and it can be useful to anybody in its own way.

Even to those who are traveling and going out of the country, smart phones are very useful. So, who else does not know how to use a smart phone? And who on Earth do not have a smart phone for his personal use? Everybody has one in their pockets, some even have two or three smart phones and they are all used. Some of them are for personal use, some are for business and some are for office use. It shows that smart phones have conquered all because even students are using one for their personal use.

If you are going to travel, especially in Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam; the use of mobile technology is very high. When it comes to your smart phones, there are some things that you must know, especially, you will be out of the country.

Before you leave your own country, you have to make sure that your Mobile Data is off. You might be wondering and asking why you have to turn off your Mobile Data. The thing is, when you go to other countries, chances are you will be charged for the data that you will use, and you must be aware about that. You changed your region or country, then the currency will change and mobile network policies will also change.

Note when traveling to waterways!

This is just a reminder to any traveler because sometimes because of their excitement, they seem to forget about that. Especially, you are in a tourist spot like the Mekong Delta. Mekong delta tour is a journey to be more people choose to travel to Vietnam. Many people are coming to the Mekong Delta to take photos, shopping, boat riding and eating delicious native delicacies of Vietnam. And everybody would love to take their own photos. The good thing about your smart phones is that, you do not always need to use your Mobile Data because you may connect to WiFi spots and upload your photos online.

Another good thing about smart phones is that, when you are travelling, you may use the Maps and GPS so that you will know exactly where you are. Sometimes, some people are wondering if they already reached the place of their destination. With your maps and GPS on, you will know your location.

When you are traveling to Vietnam and would like to visit the Mekong Delta, you may try to buy your SIM card too, and check for the Mobile Data promotions, so that you will enjoy your tour and uploading online about the update on your trip. Smart phones are really smart, that’s what technology can do.

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Backpacking Equipment Checklist

Before you set off on your expedition, and especially if you are new to this, then there are a few, often overlooked, pieces of backpacking equipment which you cannot afford to be without.


Everyone should be familiar with the usual array of backpacking equipment, such as tents, sleeping bags, boots, change of clothes, and the backpack to put it all in, but how many people set off without gear that they end up kicking themselves for when they get to their first camp?

Making a checklist

Making a checklist to verify that you have brought all the backpacking equipment that you might need along with you will help to ensure that you don’t leave something non-vital, but useful, behind at home.If you are heading off into an environment where the conditions are apt to be adverse, then protecting your backpacking equipment is vital.

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Beginner Guide To Treeclimb

When you were a kid, did you have a tree that you loved to climb, whether it was by yourself or with friends; in your backyard or at a local park? As kids, trees were a major part of many of our lives. Some people climbed trees for an escape; to hide away and read a book, or to find the perfect spot for a game of hide and seek. For others, they were home to elaborate treehouses and forts (usually built by a parent). However, as most people get older, they forget the simplistic fun that can lie in finding the perfect tree to climb. In this article, we’re going to go over how you can turn the childhood fun into an easy to learn hobby in tree-climbing.


Essential Equipments

  • To begin, you’re going to want to put your equipment together. You’ll be able to find most of this stuff at your local outdoor recreation store. You’ll want to start by looking for a harness and helmet. While very few people are hurt climbing trees, you’re always better safe than sorry. Make sure you get a harness specifically designed for climbing trees – rock climbing gear won’t do here. Next you’ll need to buy a throw line, which is attached to a weight called a throw bag. This piece gets tossed over the branch you’ll initially be climbing up to. You’ll also need a static line and an item called a Prusik cord, which is the piece you’ll actually be using to climb the tree.

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Snowboarding 101

It seems that most people who take up the hobby of snowboarding have done so since a young age. That seems to discourage some people in age brackets of the teens or above from getting into snowboarding, because it is more difficult to learn and master than other outdoor activities. However, it’s actually much simpler than it seems, and it’s an excellent hobby to take up. Since most outdoor hobbies involve nice weather, many people end up sitting around most of the winter, not doing much in the way of getting out and being active. Taking up snowboarding is an exhilarating and unique way to stop yourself from doing that every year. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the basics you need to get out on the slopes!


How To Choose Your Gear?

  • First things first, like any other hobby, you’re going to need to get the gear that best suits you. Go out to various outdoor shops and try on what they have for snowboarding gear. See how the jackets feel, check out the fit of the helmets, and make sure you have all the gear you need to stay warm on the slopes. Snowboarders need a significant numbers of layers, including snow jackets and pants, and thermals like long johns and wool socks. You’re going to be quite uncomfortable on the slopes if you’re just wearing jeans under your snow pants. Prepare accordingly! Also, prepare for safety by getting a proper fitting helmet, and a snow leash, which attaches your gear to the board, that way it can’t get away from you if you wipe out (you’ll definitely wipe out now and then, no big deal).

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The Reasons Why You Should Try Skydiving For Once

Look guys, there are some extremely exhilarating and intense hobbies out there. Mountain climbing can really get your blood pumping. Cycling is a fast-paced way to live. And don’t even get me started on building LEGO models. I’m gassed just thinking about it. But there’s one hobby that trumps all of them in the intense category. And that’s skydiving. You are literally jumping out of a plane at an elevation of 13,000 feet. Let me just say that again. Thirteen. Thousand. Feet. As in, in the air. You know, like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible whatever number they’re up to now. If that sounds appealing to you, read on to find out how your dream can become a very, very intense reality.


Prepare For Your Very First Dive

  • As expected, there is a bit more to learning skydiving than there is to learning other outdoor activities, such as cycling, scuba diving, or horseshoes. This isn’t to say it isn’t simple, however. There are just some more early steps than there would be in some of those other hobbies. For example, you’re going to have to choose exactly what type of dive you want to do for your first fall. Any beginner is going to need a certain amount of training in order to be allowed to jump, but the amount of this training will depend on the package they choose. This training can vary from under an hour, to as much as six hours.

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